Vancouver Tech Podcast

Vancouver Tech Podcast

The Vancouver Tech Podcast is a weekly show focusing on the growing tech industry in the city of Vancouver. Get caught up on the events and meetups around town, startups, new businesses, developers, designers, community programs, and news. Each episode includes an interview with an outstanding member of our community.

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    Episode 65: Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society

    Alex and Drew open the show talking about the themes of their past weeks, including communication, interrupting programmers breaking their concentration, project management meetings and red-tape, design sessions, improving processes, when to outsource versus build in-house. Our special guest this week is Chad Leaman, of the Neil Squire Society. We talk about how technology helped Niel Squire back in the early 1980s, with a device that he could interface with using sip and puff gestures to produce morse code, and communicate.

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    Episode 64: Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader

    Alex and Drew talk about their week, including developer responsibility for engineering clean systems, event sourcing, Women in Tech, and the upcoming VanRuby and Digital Project Managers Meetups, then interview Nikolay Malyarov of PressReader about keeping factual journalism relevant in the modern era.

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    Episode 62: Nikolas Badminton

    On this week's podcast Drew talks about hiring incentives at his company and Alex talks about the Event Store she is building with AdapTech Solutions. Featured meetups around town were Hackernest (hosted by Drew), Tech Vancouver, and DDD/CQRS/ES hosted by AdapTech.

    Our featured guest this week is Nikolas Badminton! Nik is a researcher and futurist speaker who splits his time between Canada (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), USA, UK, and provides insights into how people, communities, cities, businesses, and countries are changing with applied exponential technology. Nik's primary interests in technology are in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

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    Episode 61: Renee Hildebrand

    Alex & Drew open the show talking about interviews at Drew's workplace, talentful, The Bike Shed Podcast and discuss Alex's coding progress which you can read more about in her blog. Select meetups around town Alex and Drew attended last week were the Vancouver Tech Meetup which Drew hosted at Beanworks and the DDD/CQRS/ES Meetup at DCTRL.

    Highlighted Meetups Around Town Alex and Drew are looking forward to this week are Hackernest on Monday, January 30th and the continuation of creating the product nota at DDD/CQRS/ES on Thursday, Feb 2nd.

    Our guest this week is Renee Hildebrand, Technical Writer at IT Glue!

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    Episode 60: Rob Bucci of STAT Search Analytics

    Alex & Drew open the show talking about workplace dynamics. They discuss Alex's coding progress, meetups they attended the past week and highlight a few upcoming meetups around town in the Vancouver tech scene.

    Our guest this week is Rob Bucci of STAT Search Analytics, a company which tracks the visibility of search content and provides insight using data science for their clients.

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    Episode 59: Annee Ngo of Protohack

    Alex & Drew open the show talking about Alex's progress learning to code which she talks about further in her blog. They discuss meetups they attended the past week and then highlight a few upcoming meetups around town in the Vancouver tech scene.

    Our guest this week is Annee Ngo of Protohack and PressReader. Protohack activates and supports the start-up community by hosting global events that help people with amazing ideas get mentorship, training, and business requirement validation so they can turn their idea into a real-world business. Protohack also hosts white label events, and the next upcoming event will be on April 29th.

    Stay tuned for Annee's upcoming Media hackathon to disrupt mainstream media! If you're interested in getting involved you can reach Annee by email or on twitter: @protohackvan or @anneengo.

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    Episode 58: Holly Peck

    Drew opens the show talking about resolutions and spending more time on front end javascript development, in React during the upcoming Vancouver Tech Meetup with special guest Bryan Clark from Mozilla on January 23rd. Drew then talks about upcoming meetups around town in the Vancouver tech scene.

    Our guest this week is Holly Peck of Women Who Code Vancouver. You can reach Holly on twitter at @WWCodeVancouver.

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