Vancouver Tech Podcast

Vancouver Tech Podcast

The Vancouver Tech Podcast is a weekly show focusing on the growing tech industry in the city of Vancouver. Get caught up on the events and meetups around town, startups, new businesses, developers, designers, community programs, and news. Each episode includes an interview with an outstanding member of our community.

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    Episode 39: Aequilibrium

    Drew and James open the show with a discussion on domain issues. The interview this episode is with Matthew Corstorphine and Alex Silva from Aequilibrium.

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    Episode 38: Adaptech Solutions

    Drew and James open the show quickly with a brief chat but then jump right into meetups. The guest this week is Adam Dymitruk, the Founder and CTO of Adaptech Solutions, organizer of the Git Help and 0-tech meetup, Linux Desktop Meetup, and the DDD/CQRS/ES Practitioners meetup!

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    Episode 37: The Garage

    Drew and James open the show reflecting on the last episode that Drew did solo. They also chat about summer and the past couple weeks of meetups. This week's guest is Stacey Mulcahy, the Senior Program Manager at "The Garage".

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    Episode 36: Buyatab

    With James on vacation and a last-minute cancellation from our special guest co-host, Drew covers the upcoming week in Meetups Around Town!

    Our special guest this week, Matias Marquez tells us all about Buyatab, an electronic gift card company he founded about 7 years ago. The interview starts at: 123.

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    Episode 35: Brewhouse

    Drew and James open the show with a quick chat about staying focused and working on side projects. There is also some discussion about Pokemon Go, and programmers who started because they wanted to be game developers. The guest this week is Kalvir Sandhu the founder and CEO of Brewhouse.

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    Episode 34: Mozilla

    Drew and James open the show with a nice lesson on how to say Drews last name. They then discuss some of the tools around server provisioning and a new web server called Caddy. The guest this week is Bryan Clark, the Product Manager for the Firefox DevTools!

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    Episode 33: Tableau Software

    Drew and James open the show with a discussion about "beer o'clock", and whether that is inclusive, exclusive, and how to fix it. The guest this week is Jesse Calderon, the Senior Director of Engineering at Tableau Software.

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    Episode 32: Amazon RDS

    Drew and James open the show with a chat about some DevOps tools. As well as some shortcuts to spinning up new servers. The guest this week is Chris Richardson, a Software Development Manager at Amazon (AWS) on the RDS (Relational Database Service) team.

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    Episode 31: Microsoft

    Drew and James open the show with a plug for a cool job, a short discussion on a recent company acquisition, and some reflection on a special event that they went to on Friday. This weeks guest is Kenneth Auchenberg, a Program Manager at Microsoft.

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    Episode 30: AtlanticFusion

    Drew and James open the show with some cool news. Then jump pretty quickly into the meetups around town. Drew gives a quick review of the Warcraft movie. The guest for this episode is Peter Thompson from AtlanticFusion.

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